Monday, July 29, 2013

Review: Manalive "No Profit in Suicide"

I never intended this blog to do reviews, just interviews, but a week or so ago my friend Melanie from Melotov Records shouted out the blog (Thanks Mel!) and said it was an interview/review blog. This prompted Amit Sharma, vocalist of New Jersey hardcore band Manalive to hit me up about reviewing their newest release "No Profit in Suicide".

Needless to say, I am beyond stoked about this turn of events because it's been quite a while since I remember being this pleasantly surprised by a band. In short, this e.p. completely slays. Manalive is a band that fully understands and utilizes the importance of what I'm gonna call a good "chug to harmonic ratio". You know what I mean, classic 90's style ala 108, One King Down, or "Steps"-era Snapcase. Throw in a bunch of weird little squeaks and squeals from the guitars, some fast, almost thrashy riffs (see the opener "Decade"), a vocalist that sounds like a more pissed off version of Mr. Issa (trust me, this is a very good thing) and you've got one hell of a combo. There's even a short instrumental that features a riff that's been stuck in my head for days.

Lyrically, Amit tackles a host of topics that range from personal introspection ("Decade" & "Aesop Gymnastics") to contempt for the medical industry "Carpetbagger MD" and really, contempt for others, haha ("Boyd Crowder"). Anyway, they're to the point and well written. 

Overall, this is a killer release and I'm hoping I get to see these guys in a live setting at some point. Check out a stream of "Boyd Crowder" here via Toxicbreed:

Also, Bitter Melody Records has tapes up for sale now, and vinyl is going up soon (will be pre-ordering with fury). Get the goods here:

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